Reviews for "Verge"

a strange game

I beat the first 3 levels no problem but,the fourth one had no clear goal,over all
no clear story line
and alright gameplay


The game looks ok but it have some kind of error, please fix it

kurismakku responds:

what error ? thanks !

I loved the idea of the game but it just didn't hold my interest.

Needs fixing.

Got all the fairies and I CAN jump on the last level.. just not enough to reach the platform. Space or W works but doesn't give me enough height to reach the fairy platform. Funny because I beat it before you updated and could reach the fairy (But I didnt have them all) so I just replayed it today to see the last ending, to find that I STILL can't see it because it's broken.

kurismakku responds:

Tested right now, and everything is working like it should... I am almost sure you didn't get all fairies, that's why you can't reach that platform ... Maybe you missed fairy in first level ? Be free to send me PM, so I will try to help you... Cheers !


It sounded cool at first, but it just seemed like any other game. Not worth playing.