Reviews for "Verge"

Probably... IF ITWORKED!

Honestly, i can't say much, because its already been said that and it doesn't bloody work for me, i get passed the first screen then nothing, just blackness!
If I have to say something, the graphics quality fits well with the genre, the character stands out well and doesn't fade into the background like most types of this kind of game, the music fits well (with what i have seen) with the overall game, its a good game, just a little buggy.
I give it a six from what i saw!

a strange game

I beat the first 3 levels no problem but,the fourth one had no clear goal,over all
no clear story line
and alright gameplay

ok i guess

it gets boring after 4 levels. needs some new stuff

Verge in French

Verge in French means "penis." Just saying. Ok game. Not great.

I loved the idea of the game but it just didn't hold my interest.