Reviews for "Verge"

Good, but need some improvements.

1- If you need to collect items in certain levels in the game, add a level selection screen.
2- One level, I think the 8th one, needs far too precise jumping, and returning again and again and again to the same spot, only to try a precise jump, is very tedious.
3- Plot seems kinda blank. Couldn't finish 100% with all "lines", but still is very confusing nevertheless.


I see, you have to die to stay alive. Nice.

If you hold left and W...

...he does the moonwalk.

(this also works for right and S)

Not Really Different From Other Platformers

The 'having to die to progress' mechanic is pretty cool and unique, but the problem is that the rest of the game plays like a bland switch and block pushing platformer in both realms of the living and dead. I think you should have added some unique mechanics for each realm.

:/ good bt boring :P

not really nice not like i expected bt its OK!