Reviews for "Super Filly Adventure"

Woohoo! <3; 9u6 <3;

Fantastic! a really great game. clean up own art a little for authentic feel, but the play and story awsome. Especially the sidequest! I love Derpy!!! plus more interaction with the other ponies and an extended adventure beyond what's here, already.
(derp, if you love Derpy Hooves)
Derp! <3 9u6 <3 ;3


my little pony scares me good game btw

Good style

Overall it's an enjoyable game.
But I can't help but notice the blurriness of the backgrounds, doesn't fit in with the style of the characters.

Keep up the good work anyway!

Oh man

Great interaction! I loved the cupcakes reference!
Only one small problem: Derpy Hooves is speaking too intelligently for her to be correct. The rest is fine, though.

Short and great

I enjoyed the game. It gave me a little feeling inside. Story was great, you came up with and awesome idea! It's a good time waster if you are bored and want to get through a game in 5-10 minutes.

Also, I got the Super Filly ending in both my tries. Seems like the blank flank one is common, that's the one I didn't get. Help anyone?

Jay6 responds:

Blank Flank ending is the least common ending... but a lot of people seek it out due to its obscurity. For some people, they love it, and for others, they just hate it. If you want sleep tonight, it may be best not to bother with this ending, and just go with going for the muffin ending instead.