Reviews for "Super Filly Adventure"

Very good

The graphics were very nice and the music matched the game perfectly.
The boss battle with the dragon was really unexpected and a bit too long, but still fun to play.
It was fun looking for all the different endings, it made the game feel a lot longer.

I understand that this was meant to be a very short game, but it would be nice if you added some puzzles or other obstacles to it.

Also, because you asked for this, I got the blank flank ending...poor Jade, Luna and Twilight :P


It was really good! I also got the Blank Flank ending :) Wasn't anything to intense for me, but I'll admit it got my heart pounding as soon I saw zecora,

hit a bug

Can't even play, hit space, intro plays but then I get sent back to the title screen. I can't give any stars if I can't even play. =/

Jay6 responds:

Try using a different web browser, or updating your flash player AND flash plugin. Firefox seems to work just fine.


Lovin the sprites, but the backgrounds seemed a bit low quality and didn't match the 8-bit style sprites, but none the less, it's awesome!

Nicely done.

Although that dragon battle was just a little too long.

But now that you have all these sprites, you can share them amongst other programers and other great games will emerge soon enough.

Newgrounds might need to have a MLP collection page for this new and endearing series.

A bit short, but open to sequels and new forms of gameplay.

Can you imagine that...2 months of work = 10 minutes of gameplay.

Jay6 responds:

I was basically the only guy working on the whole project... as for the sprites, they're made by Desktop Ponies contributors. You can download Desktop Ponies here: http://desktopponies.co.cc/ (you'd have to break the gifs into individual images yourself though)

However, I am helping work on a very different game with SC (I mentioned his name in the credits). It'll take a while to work on, and I need to be a bit more motivated for it. That game will be a much larger game... I'm mainly working on the graphics and animations for it (and some designs). It's the main game I was supposed to be working on other than this one. XD