Reviews for "Super Filly Adventure"

Good game, but...

It was basically just a talking to people.
The "normal" dragon warrior ending didn't fit with the game, I mean, at first it's some sort of adventure / rpg without any features and suddenly it's a shooter o0

The baked bads/muffin ending was okay.

And the blank flank ending... Well, as soon as I read that name in a review, I knew what was going to happen^^ I somehow achieved it, but I don't exactly know how.

All in all: I liked the style, I liked the 16 bit MLP music and I liked the overall mood of the game.

What I didn't like was the lack of real gameplay, the whole game was practically "talk to x to get ending y". I'd have liked some Adventure elements (Super Filly Adventures reminded me of Super Mario, so I thought this would be a platformer) or rpg elements.

That's why I give it 6/10 / 3/5; there was no adventure in Super Filly Adventures.

Jay6 responds:

I understand what you mean. The name of the game was kinda an afterthought, and same with the good ending. I was basically thinking of what a 16-bit generation pony game would be called. "Super MLP..." "Super Filly..." and well, for the fact that it lacks the "adventure" aspect, I can't really say I had much time to throw in more content to make it more of an adventure due to the tight deadline of the contest (and with the ideas/concepts I thought up early in pre-development). But yeah, I'll take your word for consideration in the next game I make, whenever I do make another.

Almost there...

Fantastic idea! I enjoyed it immensely.

...However, you could have done a bit more with it. For example, the Applejack minigame, although slightly childish, was a nice break from "Walk up to pony X, talk to them, repeat as necessary". Maybe the Mane 6 had something pre-planned (playing seashells or collecting beach-volleyball, Angel is especially sick). What ever you do, more interaction with the Mane 6, although dangerous (don't mess with canon, stay in character, etc.) will payout ten-fold.

A possible ending also could have been things such as eating the baked bad, entering the Everfree Forest, or anything. The more free-roam you make it, the better.

Still, I'm glad to see a MLP: FiM game that isn't shitty, so you get a pretty high score. Keep working on flash games: you've got yourself a talent.

Good fun

Short and sweet, and a cute adventure. Always nice to see some pony games.

Did somebody say...


Jay6 responds:

Well you're about to go bananas! ON THE MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- *shot*

Super Special Awesome!

Loved it! Completely threw me with the dragon, was just so ridiculous yet awesome. Muffin ending was also brill too, but I can't seem to find the blank flank ending and would really like to see it. Still awesome little game to say the least.