Reviews for "Super Filly Adventure"

nice game, but GOD... THAT ENDING!

Although it's a bit small and short, nice game. I managed to get all of the three endings with some help. Yeah, the nasty one exists as well... and it's really sad. If you wanna play that one, DO prepare yourself mentally.

Not a full score because of the dragon boss. It was kind of unfair, his hits take out so much damage, while Jade's just whittles away at him. I tried many times, but couldn't beat him, though one time I got him to just barely alive. Couldn't finish the game because of him. >.<

Rather borin game since you only have one fight ahead who isn´t even that hard. He just takes a lot of damage but has an easily predictable pattern of movment. Maybe you should offer a gameplay which allows the player to fight more like in a Castlevania or Mega man kind of way rather than just shooting beams while moving up and down. This would add a more active shade to the gameplay.

how do you get a different ending i keep getting super fillie :(

AWESOME! The only thing I'd change is making the game longer,and Zecora giving her a tour of the Everfree Forest.