Reviews for "Super Filly Adventure"

I found the endings...

For being a pony flash game, 11 out of 10!
Story: 7/10
+Funny and good
-Sudden change from funny, simple delivery quest to fighting a dragon/gaining nightmares for the night.
Music: 10 out of 10. Music fits in perfectly....
Errors: If you go from the area where Rarity is to Rainbow Dash's area with the list open, it glitches.

For those of you who want to get the Blank Flank Ending, just don't. I love horror and all it does and believed I could handle the ending, but, I can't. This tops any horror I know of; it is the highest calibur of high octane nightmare fuel... Seriously, DON'T LOOK FOR IT!

All in all, great game.
-Have a good day, BrycenIce

Jay6 responds:

As for the errors in the game (the invitation list glitch), I was aware of this basically just before posting it. I had a look at it, and figured that it wasn't really worth fixing since letting go of shift would make it disappear anyways. I'm also aware of a few more glitches, but again, they aren't game breaking.

Thanks for your input!

for a first time its pretty good

But like everone else says, its not so much a Super adventure, but more of a normal adventure with an awesome boss battle.

Also, how do i get the Blank Flank ending?

You... FIEND!

gah, well I'm glad... kinda that I was able to work that ending out on my own, you are a terrible terrible person j/k I just wish there was more to do, that is my only complaint, but it was short and cute, etc..., well back to godslaying I go, godslaying while listening to 8bit pony music.

Jay6 responds:

I wish I could cram more stuff in for how much time I had to work on this project... lol (And I already knew I was a terrible terrible person for putting THAT in the game)

I clicked on this thinking it said filthy

so I thought it was super filthy adventure instead of super filly adventure. so that would have been better, but still very good. I also fucked that dragon up, which is a plus.

Good First Game

As first games go, this is excellent. You avoided all the noob mistakes I've seen authors repeat time and again, it's a fun little time-waster, and I'd encourage you to make more. My advice: Go with a true RPG for your next game. I'd LOVE to see a CMC Adventure Through Everfree game. Encouragement!