Reviews for "Super Filly Adventure"

Blank flank ending

I hate you...
but good game.


Heavy props for using Tales of Phantasia music!

Blank Flank

The game was fun, but very lacking.

Also, for everyone looking for the "Blank Flank" ending, try playing after 11:00...

Nice Luna Game reference, btw.


This was quite a good game, a bit short but good nonetheless. I really enjoyed the hunt for the hidden ending and its potential to be the new story of the blanks. Good work and i would love to see more from you.


it was an interesting game but... kinda small... and not really super... the main character was getting on my nerves by the end but maybe thats just me. The 1st cupcakes reference could have been funny if it wasnt obvious it was going to happen but when it kept on getting brought up it really started to annoy me... cupcakes is overhyped....