Reviews for "Super Filly Adventure"

Help Please!

I got the 'muffin' and 'super filly' endings, but I need help with the 'blank flank' ending. Tell me if I got this right:

1-Change time to after 11:00.
2-Talk to everyone until the start saying the same thing (including animals).
3-Make good muffin.
4-Give muffin to Derpy.
5-Go all the way to the right.

What did I miss?

P.S. Good game all in all.

great game

but how to i get the blank flank ending, I played around 12 but still nothing happened

Jay6 responds:

There's a trick to it. Either figure it out, or go research the other reviews.

Ah Cripe....

Pretty awesome ending, but that blank flank ending really got me!
I wonder what happend to Twilight...

Jay6 responds:

Om nom nom nom...


First off, I would like to say that I have watched the show, but would NOT consider myself as a brony.

Anywho, this game is pretty cool. I like how there are 16-bit graphics, like old school SNES games. The gameplay is straight-forward: use the arrows and spacebar to talk or use it for actions. The few missions on this game are pretty straight-forward also. It's kind of cool that some of the music is used from the show, but changed so it has the 16-bit feel.

As for the endings...

The Super Filly ending is OK. The way to get it is the easiest of the 3. Just hand out invitations, and then go to the party. Then fight the dragon. (Dragon?!) Once you figure out its fireball pattern, it's pretty easy to beat it. Yay, Ponyville is saved *rolls eyes* lol.

The Muffin ending is strange. The way to get it is to make a "baked bad" (watch the show to see what I mean), and then give it to Derpy. I like this ending, but like I said, it's very strange.

The Blank Flank ending... is not for everyone. You can do some research on your own to find it, but do so at your own risk. It makes references to some of the creepypastas about MLP out there, and has pretty graphic content. It is activated between 11p and 6a for a reason. I can see why it would give some people out there nightmares, but not this guy. Don't get me wrong though, the first time I played this ending, I was like "WTF is this shit? Those damn things are creepy as f***". But, I had to play it multiple times through to experience the goodness some more. *evil laughter*

I'm sure if you put more time into it, it would have turned out even better. Great job though! :)

Jay6 responds:

Of course. The time constraint was something I just had to work with. Originally it was due for August 25, and that was just impossible for any scale of game... maybe a small minigame, but that would be about it. However, I had a plan that I wanted to follow through, and see to the end, and I'm glad the deadline was pushed for Sept 15. It's still not a lot of time to work on a game, but I made use of each hour of my time.

Also, yeah. The Blank Flank ending was one of my more fun ones to work on. Since you've played through that multiple times, you should have noticed or experienced random bugs in that area... One of them makes you walk in the trees (and no, this wont get you to the other side of the screen with the fast one... nothing over there but a dead end anyways). Another glitch was when you walk by the second bloody hooves. he makes a dialogue box appear, and for some reason it puts you on the right side of the next screen with that dialogue box still there. I haven't been able to replicate it, but it happens. I may know a way I can fix it maybe... but it's not all that important.

Short but fun

I liked being able to go around talking to the characters, was nice and calming. Also Muffin ending was amusing and the dragon fight, though it was just pressing space and going up and down was still fun.