Reviews for "Super Filly Adventure"

this is a very "friend" ly game

the warrior ending is like yay... ok I saved ponyvile....I thought it was kind of a luke warmed ending but im sure it was meant for the younger viewers which is fine.
the muffin ending is great very funny stuff and I liked how you have to know about the show to get the reference with the muffin and find that ending
The "final" ending how do you not love that I did not see that coming I love seeing the dark underbelly of the ultra happy shows it kinda brings a sense of perspective such as to know great joy you must understand a greater pain and I think you pull that one off like a pro I would love to see another story like that from you. I can tell you do have the raw talent for dark stories I really want to see how deep and dark your rabbit hole goes "yes it's supposed to be creepy and no not like that :D "
With lots of admiration - dramchi

Jay6 responds:

Well, I've looked at a whole ton of creepypasta stuff in the past 3 or 4 months. Luna Game I got more and more interested in, and Story of the Blanks was really cool too. I read through Cupcakes several times, and listened to a friend of mine read through some similar mlp fanfics. I kinda wanted to make some more creepypasta references with that ending, but at least I made a reference to Ben (Majora's Mask). Really though, I've recently got a bit of craving to watch some horror movies to possibly get more ideas if I plan to do this sort of thing again in the future.

Good for what it was

I'm writing a "friendly" review.

A short, simple, average game. Three different endings to unlock, the game will probably eat up around 20 minutes of your time if you don't look up how to do the Blank Ending. The music is somewhat underwhelming, the 8-bit track felt sort of bland. The Blank Ending was the one that interested me the most, I spent around 20 minutes trying to get it and the pay off was excellent. The Majora's Mask reference just made my day in that of itself. But did you have to be so cruel to poor Luna?

Jay6 responds:

Oh don't worry about Luna. Think of the stuffed mouse in the owl episode. I basically did the same to that Luna sprite that Spike did to that stuffed mouse. Although, it kinda makes you feel bad about her since I gave her some feelings, while the stuffed mouse had none... Eh, yeah. It was a little cruel after putting it into the game. But no worries, that ending isn't cannon or anything; Luna is probably just back at Canterlot or something... yeah... XD

LoL at the Muffin Ending

Good for a quick game ~



first try

on my first try I got the super Filly ending. just have to beat the dragon is all.