Reviews for "Super Filly Adventure"


Great game! I particularly enjoyed "Super Filly" and Muffin Filly. You did a very good job with this flash, and I can't wait to see more from you!
As for.... *shiver*.... The screamer didn't work on me, but just the whole ending in particular just creeped me out. But, maybe that's because I had just played "Story of the Blanks" before playing this. =P


I got all 3 endings and a friendly comment? OK. The blank flank one sure was scary...Also that boss was hard.


I completely finished your game. All 3 endings!

For Jay6 (Creator):
To be honest, I'm not really bitchin' on graphics. I did found Jade pretty contra-pony (Her colors made me think so). Also, the Super Filly art sucked. I was neutral about the Muffin art, and with Blank Flank, you gave some pretty heavy shit. Too bad it was a bit blurry. (btw could you please PM a link to the Screamer? I'm going to set that up as my wallpaper :D)
The 8- and 16-bit music was 1 of the things I liked about this game. I especially liked the Pokemon Boo-boo-badingding-machine sound, while preparing the muffins. I liked that extra touch. The stories where... random. You have just invited everyone to come to your party, and suddenly OMGWTFBBQ A FUCKIN DRAGON APPEARS U HAZ TO KILL IT NAO! (Super Filly). I'm not going to spoil the secret endings. Blank Flank did get my aortic pump working overtime, but the screamer didn't affect me. I also liked the references to Cupcakes.

For the gamers :
Here a no-spoiler guide for the endings :

Super-Filly : Get everyone on the list invited. Talk to Pinkie.

Muffin : Make shit-muffin. Donate to Derpy.

Blank Flank :
1) Set clock between 11pm and 5:59am.
2) Start game.
3) Hear every piece of dialogue including that of Pinkie before you've got all the invites.
4) Make good muffin. Donate to Derpy.
5) Check every piece of dialogue out again (also Zacosa's). Make sure not to trigger Super Filly.
6) Go to the Evergreen forest.
NOTE : Once you've reached the edge of Evergreen, and triggered Blank Flank correctly, it's one-way.

Jay6 responds:

I'll give you a PM for the blank flank ending image in a higher quality. I kinda have to laugh at the fact that you want it as your wallpaper. XD of course, the screamer in my game never really affected me either... since I made it, I guess. >_>; The only way it ever gets people is when they don't expect it, but that whole scenario should have hinted that it was leading up into it.
Thanks for the Feedback (and I guess a guide for my game too... but you don't need to start the game between 11pm-6am; the check for that is when you're heading into the Zacora screen).


The game was good, I spent 30 minutes just TRYING to get the 3rd ending, that shit was not worth it at all, I'm gonna have nightmares for life... If I sleep that is...

Yeah thanks....thanks alot....

Now I'll probably start watching that damn show on the hub, thanks to you...


Dark ending was the best. I would have made a fourth ending, getting out of the forest somehow, but that's just me.

Jay6 responds:

It's a good show, honestly. The only reason most people hate it is because they never watched the show, nor do they want to.
And yeah, well... if you want to escape the forest, that's what Story of the Blanks basically is. This one, you're trapped forreeeeverrrrrrrr!