Reviews for "Super Filly Adventure"


Love the random ending.

Plus, the game itself was very well done. Nice job!


i laughed so hard when it turned into a flying battle with a pony and dragon

Not bad!

I was hoping for their expressions to change as they talked and such... maybe some other miscellaneous stuff... BTW muffin ending is best ending

It's like an episode of the show

This is the best MLP:FIM flash game I ever played (well so far). I recently become a brony but now I'm proud of it. Great work
10/10+ 5/5 + Favorites

P.S. to haters, If you don't like MLP then don't watch it. Just go watch something else like game of thrones. Leave MLP to the bronies.

Tedious, but worth my time.

if you want players to replay, you oughta make the game more complex. Each replay should be filled with stuff I haven't done before. Whether that's because I couldn't have done it as I pursued a certain ending or because I got multiple endings in one play through. Certainly, I shouldn't be forced to sit through credits, the start screen and the intro just to replay. A guiding rule for games: I should never have to replay what I already did correctly.

The gathering quests felt too slow and the baking one caught me off guard but the air fight was fun. All in all I was satisfied with my play through but i wouldn't replay for the other endings.

I was compelled to score lowly since the game felt unfinished but for the amount of time I spent playing it, I had fun so... 7/10.