Reviews for "Super Filly Adventure"


The blank flanks ending was pretty awesome, (P.S. I cheated and changed my computers system time =P By the time I go to sleep, I'll have forgotten about it...lol)

MLP = <3

Jay6 responds:

NUUUU U CHEAT! >:3 It shall still haunt you FOREVVERRRRRR j/k

Awesome game!

I liked the game a lot, though I do wonder why Luna doesn't just fly out of the forest in the Blank Flank Ending...
Also got the Muffin ending and the Super Filly Ending. Are there other endings?

I liked it, but...

A great game on the whole, but does anypony know how to get the "muffin" ending?!

Jay6 responds:

Rarity seems to know. Something about an Applebuck season muffin. you should know what she means. (don't forget to talk to every pony several times. they have different things to say)

"Blank Flank"

I overall liked it quite a lot. The sprites were awesomely done! And the music was quite nice. BUT the backgrounds didn't fit the sprites at all , they felt out of place.
I liked the muffin ending.
The warrior ending is my main complain.
You simply just change everything all of a sudden , it's as if you would be playing a war game and you find out there are aliens in the middle of the war...Just, completely innecesary , and stupid. Not to mention , it's not a HUGE dragon either , it's almost the size of the main character ,and seeing how the main character is a filly , i'd say the dragon is almost as big as a normal pony.
Anyway , let's talk about the BIG SHOW of the game:
The blank flank ending.
I liked how you made it so that Winter-Wrap Up plays during the...You know , it's like you're not actually expecting because of the music. That ending itself should give this game an M rating , i guess you made it T so that people don't expect it or something?
Well , seeing how A LOT of people are curious , here's what you've got to do to get this infamous ending. BUT , before : I warn you , don't let your curiosity handle you , trust me , you DON'T want this ending.
First : It needs after 11 PM (I'm not completely sure of how you programmed this , but i know WHY you did it) i'm not sure if there's a limit.
Second : talk to ALL the ponies , multiple times , in every screen.
Third : Win the muffin mini-game.
Fourth : Give said muffin to Derpy and then reveal all the new dialogs.
Fifth : Talk to zecora , and then walk right.

Atleast that's what i did to get it. Maybe there's something i did withouth noticing it.
Anyway , as i said , you don't want this ending.

Well , i guess that's it.
The short version of this review is :
+The sprites are awesome
+The music is very good
+Multiple endings
-Backgrounds out of place
-Super Filly Ending
/How to get "Blank Flank" ending

I decided to give you an 8/10 , even if the game was simple and the Super Filly ending was stupid , i think it's a solid game. Job well done!

Jay6 responds:

How I did it? Like... 2 or 3 extra lines of code. Fairly simple. Limit is 5:59am. Why I did it that way? So young ones don't end up finding it mainly... and also to give people nightmares (because I'm just a terrible terrible person like that XD)

I do agree though, I didn't put enough time into making the good ending to make it... well, good. However, some people liked it, others didn't. I really didn't know what I was going to do for the good ending since all I had thought up was how I was going to do the Muffin ending, and how I was going to do the Blank Flank ending (because I wanted it in the game). While the main game is fairly innocent itself, those who are wanting something more seek out the other ending. I'm pretty surprised by the positive response I've been getting from that ending so far (as in people actually enjoying it or getting nightmares from it).
Of course, the rating of this game... It was a tough call due to having such a horrific hidden easter egg. I think T suits it best anyways due to the main game not having too much violence, if any at all.
Thanks for the feedback!

Other ending?

Overall, I like this game. I got the muffin ending on my first try and after that I keep getting the super filly ending. From the other reviews, I learned that there's a blank flank ending that seems to be a reference to the famous fanfic "Cupcakes." I tried several combinations of interacting with Derpy, Twilight, Opal, Fluttershy, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Gummy, AJ, and Zecora, but I still can't find the ending. Reviews tell me not to search for it, but it only makes me want to get the ending even more. I wish there can be at least some hints that lead to the ending. Could it be related to Rarity's secret? I couldn't read Rarity's secret.

Jay6 responds:

Rarity's secret message only tells you how to get a cutie mark, not how to get the endings (even though getting either cutie mark gets you an ending).

The blank flank ending more or less takes some aspects from Story of the Blanks, and even a bit of Luna Game... and I have my own twist to it. If you seek it out, play through the game around midnight hours... ya know, so that you can have nightmares tonight. :3