Reviews for "Super Filly Adventure"


It took me forever, but I got the super-filly ending. That was amazing, and true to the show (which I looovee!)

Bronies, Bronies Everywhere

Fantastic game. I've only just gotten the Super Filly ending, but after these credits I'm definitely playing again. 5/5, 10 stars, you get the whole works my friend. Great job!

pretty good for the time limit

The multiple storylines are quite nice and the dialog is well done. Some of the art (blankflank cutscenes, mostly) was a bit lower-quality, however. The dragon bossfight got easy fast, more variety would be cool. Speaking of the dragon, that whole plot was totally random. I could believe a dragon and having the cutie mark being warrior-themed, but Pinkie Pie having a magic spear was pretty weird.
BTW, I took a few screenshots and was able to read Rarity's flash of advice.
"Just give all of the ponies their invitations already. The answer will be revealed then. Or give the applebuck season muffin to Derpy."

Jay6 responds:

Dude... I actually had no idea how to set up that good ending portion at all. That part was a bit rushed, I'll admit, but Pinkie Pie has random stuff anyways. Like how she randomly has a Quail, Keesh, Quilt, (but oddly, no Quill) and some other odd things/contraptions... I dunno.
And yes, Rarity only tells you how to get Jade's cutie marks. The only reference about the everfree forest area is the fact Zacora has her own screen at the everfree forest edge, and that luna is in the credits, but no where else to be found in game. Of course, some people just had to break my game apart to look at the source code. lol

good game one question though

where was spike during this

Jay6 responds:

I had sprites of him from desktop ponies, but... I didn't like the sprites as much. I mean, i did put him into the game's library, but since I didn't see any use for him anywhere in the game, I just didn't use him. It's like asking "Where's Spike in X episode of MLP?" Sometimes he just doesn't need to be in it.

Great Game

Very, VERY nice game, I have to admit. Didn't realize you could do this with the desktop pony sprites. question though. I haven't done it yet, but is the Blank Flank ending supposed to be a reference to the other newgrounds pony game with Applebloom? I think it's called "Story of the Blank Flanks" or something. Was just curious.

Jay6 responds:

Somewhat. That game helped inspire it, and same with Luna Game (basically a screamer pony game series). If you're looking forward to having nightmares tonight, give my blank flank ending a try.

But yes, with desktop ponies, if you have Adobe Fireworks, you can open up the gif images into it, and export each state/frame as an individual image (make sure it doesn't trim/auto crop the image), just import each individual image into flash, and throw them all into a movie clip. It took a few days to do that for every character, but it was worth it. It would have taken a LOT longer if I were taking sprites from a sprite sheet in flash. I'm kinda glad I found that shortcut method.