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Reviews for "SHMUP"

I agree with Booga and Zzyz on this. This is a wonderful bit of nostalgia with only a couple of flaws that need fixing and couple of more cherries on top to make it brilliant.
Stats and names for enemies would be a great cherry.
Slow manuvering is a minor but frustrating flaw.
Customizable weapon arcs made me go SWEET LORD YES!
It would have been nice to be able to own four of every weapon in the game at once so I didn't have to keep buying and selling them to be able to test out quad mounting every kind. That's really a minor nitpick though.
Regarding the "kill boss with no weapons facing foreward" medal: You don't need to point them down. Just a degree or two off-center will qualify.
Quad homers will let you skate through just about everything but the last couple of levels once you get them.
The music is brilliant. I could listen to the asteroid field theme all freakin' day.
Also, the little touches that most people probably don't pay pay attention to like the impact wrench sound when you work on your ship make it better even if the players don't conciously notice it.

great game but it takes to long to upgrade your ship in the beginning

copy of jets n guns...but itz a gud game

Not bad but your ship is too damn big and too damn slow. There's also no real invincible period at all, you can just take a shitload of damage in seconds. Most annoyingly of all enemies just rush in out of nowhere at times leaving you absolutely no time to react and you're just forced to take damage, its a dick move. The last levels get retardedly hard, not in a fair challenge way, but a have no choice but to take a shitload of damage with absolutely positively no conceivable way to avoid it even with full upgrades way.

Hi peoploids,

This is one GREAT game.
I didn't give it the full 5 stars only because it isn't perfect.. and I'm a perfectionist.

Positives :
1. Very customizable. The weapons direction is really a genius tweak!!
This gives the game a more strategic angle.
2. High scores!
3. Excellent level design, and nice Medals area (except the one before last - how do I open it..?)
4. Competitive - Quite hard at the end, and that's good, or else every kid would do it ;)
5. Easy to learn and play => nice controls.
6. Addictive :)

Negatives / issues that can be improved :
1. Missing much of the information about weapons, monsters, and scoring system.
Some info could be added for the players..
2. High Scores still include high scores of previous versions, so no one can get into the top highscores of say, Damura (of All Times).
3. I'd love it if a fullscreen/wider view of the game was possible, which is a quarrel I have with most flash games.

Last word: Thank you for a great game - Fun, bright, and worth every minute.
Booga. Freak.