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Reviews for "SHMUP"

Yep Final Boss Is Black Hole? U Get Secret Medal?

I'm usually not into top down shootemups, but this one was pretty fun. Thanks!

My god was this game epic! I mean, really epic!

Leveling up my ship ws kind of fun. Though enemy exp drops every time you level up, in fact, cut in half. That's my minor complaint which does not mean a thing.

So much stuff going on, so many things to destroy. I like that. Blowing a lot of stuff up!

And the last level...... Very creepy. And of course, the final boss was just tough, and that is what makes it a good game. A good challenge for a hardcore gamer.

One of my favorite games ever!

Quite good game.

spoiler: final boss is actually easier than the forth boss, it just has a lot of hp