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Reviews for "SHMUP"

SUCH A FUCKING AWESOME GAME!!! It has a simple story but the gameplay is just so awesome! it works so well! Please play it all if you're reading this! such a cool game to play!

fun game. a lot of shmups that ive played have one point of hitbox on the ship instead of the whole or majority of the ship, at first i thought the circle in the middle was the hit box but boy was i wrong. another thing is maybe im just dumb but i didnt realize i could change the direction of my cannons until the last levels and last but not least i beat the game well before reaching level 20. just my experience take it for what its worth.

Repetitive but can be fun as well. Not exactly a fan of having to grind some levels 3-5 times to be able to stand a chance on the next level though.

The game is alright, but the difficulty curve was pretty harsh on the first level of world 3. I also think enemy placement could've been made more fair to compensate for having the whole ship as a hitbox, rather than the center circle. There are a few situations with unavoidable damage, even with equipment that matches the world's difficulty.

The game itself seems like it would be fun, though a bit repetitive. I played a few levels, but I seem to be having a problem with the control not responding as they should. My ship sometimes doesn't move at all for several seconds, and other times it overshoots a direction when I just tapped the key. It's prevented me from passing even just level 1 several times. I finally managed to get it, though I had to miss many enemies because of the issue. I completed level 2 as well, but I think that's where I'll stop. Even replaying those levels and trying to upgrade my ship so this movement issue is less destructive isn't doing much. I still end up running directly into bullets and enemies.