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Reviews for "SHMUP"

attack of the mutant space bats reborn

great game highly addictive and i like the leveling system, it gos at a nice pace and it gives enough challenge to make you want more.

Whoa, classic arcade shooter!

In my opinion, this game is a combo of Zaxxon, Galaga and other shooters I have had the pleasure of playing in arcades. As far as difficulty is concerned it is hard but not amost impossible to beat as Sinistar or Defender was. (yup, arcades were my second home :)) The graphics are great and I like the music as well.

I have noticed many people found this game frustrating and diffucult; I understand their pain. However, this game embodies how difficult many classic games were. Games like this one require a positive attitude and patience. If you can play a difficult classic game from start to end and still keep your sanity then you can play any game well.

Thank you for a fun and challenging game; can't wait to play more of 'em!


Finally beat it great game hard as shit tho

very well done.

every so often there will be a game that comes out on NG that i spend hours playing. this is one of them. the music is pretty catchy, the game play is pretty smooth, and there aren't any bugs that i have noticed. bravo.

I really like the game's customization system