Reviews for "SHMUP"


It can have some improvements. Id look through the structure of some other classic shooters and see how they did it. One thing you could do is make the "leave area" option work.

By far one of the best Space Shooters on NG!

I saw that a lot of users had been giving you piss poor reviews lately, so I felt motivated to write something myself. I am a HUGE fan of old-school top down shooters like this and I just wanted to say THANK YOU for making such an enjoyable game for this genre! I love the amount of customization in it, the music and graphics are spot on, and the challenge is reasonable without being too easy or too hard. The only other game on Newgrounds that even comes close to this level of awesome is DN8! Please keep up the good work! I'd love to see more games in this genre by you!

If you like this game...

...play Tyrian 2000 instead. It's better in every way possible.


one of the best games i have played in so long, big ups to the creator. i love how this game is very challenging and you need to choose very wisely what weapons you have. all round great game, well done

great but theres one thing...

its like an arcade game and thats good...but it's like an arcade game that is the same as other shooter arcade games. but over all, its a good game