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Reviews for "SHMUP"

Wow! A black hole as..ow! Dont want to spoil the fun:) The first levels were sooo lame (and the weapons weak) but BOY! how it rocketed! Super crisped graphics, liked how you could adjust the turrets in different direction, although it didnt need to put it backwards. There could have been more strategy than just buying the better item. Some guns were not of any use for me, the flamethrower was too lame, the hostile bullets..I did not get it^^Liked the medals, gave it some replaybility. I totally LOVED the black hole effects, that was something refreshing and new to me. Liked the sound design better than the music which was usual techno stuff. Loved the sound when the bosses exploded..did I heard that in Halflife, didnt I? Great spaceshooter!

Ok, first off, I like these types of games-second, I'm not that good at them most of the time, so I expect to die alot. So, playin this, I died ALOT, but the leveling up helps with that-a few times I had to power level just to make it past a stage, and even then it was tricky. The different weapon choices are pretty neat, and some are better for certain levels, which I like. Being able to adjust the angle of the weapons is absolutely a great option, and it really saved my bacon alot.

Now...as far as 'negative' parts, well...first off, the standard enemy bullets are not that easy to see, especially later in the game where there's stuff all over the place-that's not a huge deal, but it is kind of annoying and makes dodging them pretty hard. Second is the fact that we can only level up to 20, then it stops-that might be fine for some people, but I just can't beat the last level no matter what I do or how I configure my guns, so being able to power up more would be nice.

All in all, it's fun and well made, but there could be improvements-also, I think it would be neat to have a more customizable leveling up sequence. Get the base boosts, sure, but then be able to pick one of them to improve a bit more. Specific weapon leveling or enhancements would be a pretty cool idea also, or I think so, anyway, but maybe that's just not something you wanted for this game in particular.

When it all comes down to it, I like the game, but it's frustrating at the same time, which is, unfortunately, a trait that is far too common with these types of games. Challenge is fine, but I'm one of those people who, when I get too frustrated, I'll stop playing a game for a long time, so.....I don't know, maybe an adjustable difficulty would be a way around that. Certainly want to see another one like it, though!

:O no way it's Hyptosis :D Hyptosis im a fan of your zombie game's

I have played a lot of games with shitty beginner weapons
But holy FÃoeCK yours takes the cake

I like this

These types of entries are always fun to mess around with younever know what to expect but one thing i can say is that they can be lots of fun, and do bring a sort of entertainment factor to the whole element, so good job on your part for making this one, fun game here and i like all the medals you ahve put into these games especially this one, also congrats on the awards because thats always a plus for any game, so awsome job there, Ok i must comment on the "INSTRUCTIONS" and controlls you did an outstanding job there and really shows how to do it and so on, so nice effort there, Ok so a fun game kind of reminded me of the old "GLADIAS" and R-TYPE games from back in the day wich i have really enjoyed and you made this alot like that, so nice job, the ship was good the backround was great, would be nice if the backround and ship didnt match up so much in design though, too much of the same style there, And so as i wind down on this review, i still must say this was a prettynifty piece of a flash there was some fun and entertaining things at the sametime there could be some slight improvments, but ofcourse i will get to that below, but anyways, Good stuff sofar,

And so there we have it another game entry in the books, nothing fancy here but it was still entertaining, there are a few things that could make this submission work better even with some quality, so ill try and suggest some possibilities to improve on this, would be nice if the backround and ship didnt match up so much in design though.