Reviews for "SHMUP"

Awesome Game!

Very challenging game! I loved everything. The last (really last) level was really challenging so I found it pretty satisfying to complete it and get all the medals. Keep up the great work!


So if your going to make bullets fly in deathly patterns, DONT MAKE THE WHOLE SHIP VULNERABLE.


Ive been waiting for a fun astroid's game like this ^^

i like it...

i like that game it reminds me at the good ol 16bit time like Hybris and Battle Squadron..Swif..... :)

Best looking game I've seen in....

Quite a while. I get the difficulty, but...Personally, I'd really like the game a lot more if I could individually upgrade my speed, as well as the health bar. Nothing personal meant by it, it's just those are two things I'm preferable to in the shooters I play. Being able to adjust the difficulty level would've been nice as well. Finally....I admire the detail and work that went into this particular game. The graphics are excellent, the controls couldn't be clearer, and I think it'd be a huge hit on other websites. (Still can't beat the first planet, though.)