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Reviews for "SHMUP"


Kept me addicted for quite some time, excellent selection of music, and adequate variance! All the different kinds of enemies was nice to see

Good Game!!

Good Game 3rd review

Great game!

This is the best game ever! I'm very impressed with you guy's work!

It's a classic!

This was sweet to play because it has so much of what made the original game so good. The best part is how there was so much detail put into all of the enemies' ships. It's best to just keep on firing to blow these suckers up. My only complaint is that the levels needed a bit more variety. It's great that you have a lot of good flexibility and can really go around and blow stuff up. The ones that are most satisfying to kill are the ones that really move from side to side.

If you stay in the same position and keep on firing at a point, you can get past them. The weirdest designs were the ones that looked like giant boxes. It was always cool to listen to that music. It gave you a good feeling of being up in the air in a futuristic setting. I can only expect the most authentic games from someone like Afro-Ninja.