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Reviews for "Hunters - Relic of Stars"


not a bad game graphics dont make a game whatever the load of idiots will say id rather play this then some of those "greater games" with their stiff controls or are wayy to easy and stuff like that but I have to say even tho you should work on the animation abit it was enjoyable

Nice atmosphere

I really liked this

terrible yet addictive

i don't understand it. terrible lip sync, bad animation yet i can't wait for updates! i have to admit that this game can grab ahold of you, although it needs more bosses and less jumping around on platforms.

well it was good....

I have to admit, for a Metroid : Zero Mission imitation(Zero suit Samus), it wasn't bad. Although you should improve graphics and shooting controls. Not only that but you should have a menu option during gameplay that allows you to switch between the shooting styles. Oh, and a health bar upgrade would not be bad ether since 5 bars is pretty low and you want it to make it feel more like a great game ..............WITH UPGRADES AND UNLOCKABLES!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! Oh, and if you have played though the second part of the Metroid:ZM game(space pirate part), you should know what i mean by the earlier passage!! And if not, I'm sorry and i will explain it to you if you want!! I'm nice like that!!!! Hahahahhahahahaaaa!!!!

Don't know why

It seems like I should not like this game because the graphics are not impressive at all. I was able to look past all that and realize how cool of a game this actually was! The best part was how everything was just so straightforward. I did not like it how the villians seemed to reform after you had killed them in a part of the level. I did like it how every enemy seems to have a unique design and style of attack. It reminded me of a classic platformer like the Mario games.

I never played the Metroid games so I would not understand how this is like them. I just loved how you could bring up the screen to show wherever you need to go. It was kind of like each level ended when you went to a destination. I can tell a lot of work was put into how complicated this game was. You guys really set up a world of your own.