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Reviews for "Hunters - Relic of Stars"

Great Game

I enjoyed it alot. Controls take a bit getting used to but nothing hard. People who purely look at the graphics before trying shouldn't leave any kind of review.

great game!

nothing more to say!

Incredibly overrated

This seems to me to be aiming vastly beyond its reach, implying an epic plotline and really failing to produce anything engaging. The painfully dull introduction accompanied (as is the rest of the game) by the roundly terrible voice acting, it astounds me that i am reading review after review lauding the voice acting, it sounds like the worst bad anime dub in the world. Speaking of bad anime brings me to the art style, i mean dear lord, we had better art over a decade ago, go and play pico school again sometime, it plays better and looks better than this, even the voice acting is better thanks to it's absence. In 2011 i should not be seeing this on the front page of newgrounds. It's not even that it is a particularly bad game, it's only really a bit below average, nothing interesting gameplay wise and a bit ugly but the fact that it is front page and featured. Imagine that someone is a first timer to newgrounds and they see this featured, the idea that this is the best thing that the community is producing is an insult to the hard working flash artists of newgrounds.

Fun up to a point

It seems in these times the children have become spoiled with easy controls and excessive graphics that ultimately devalue the real fun factor of a game. Ive always preferred game-play over graphics and although this game looks like it was made with the most basic of art programs, the controls and game play are perfect. The only problem i had was a setting in of boredom after going room to room jumping on platforms. too much repetition can kill a game, and i would suggest adding more types of hazards to avoid. Also other than for self satisfaction, theres no purpose to defeat the baddies since they re spawn next screen no matter what. As for the voice sync, it was completely expected with the game having a japanese vibe that it didnt match perfectly. These other people are just lacking extrinsic knowledge about things to make a proper comment on it.


It's like-
the art is horrible
and the game isn't fun
and the voice acting and music is really good which makes it seem bad compared to the rest of the game

But really, this was extremely boring and uninteresting and uncompelling and I had absolutely no motive to do anything with this after a few minutes.

3 for effort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woo yeah