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Reviews for "Hunters - Relic of Stars"

Its a good game, but horrendously disappointing

When I saw front page feature and all the well known voice actor cast, I was actually really excited for this game.

Its not a bad game overall, but the hype makes you expect something amazing. Thats probably why people are so disappointed here.

As far as the game itself goes, its really on the right track. The general concept is pretty decent, but there are some serious presentation flaws.

1. Plot is ridiculously blunt and corny. You could probably do the same exact plot but with some minor differences in dialog and cutscenes and make it so much more interesting.

2. Boss AI is repetitive and too simple. So its only fun for the first 8 seconds of it.

3. Graphics could really use work. There were a lot of overused gradients in this game. Characters were blocky and disproportionate. If art is not your forte, then you should just learn to draw simpler. You'd be surprised to find that simplified visuals actually help tremendously. You could also do sprites.

PS: Since when did machine guns deal less damage than hand guns? I mean, I suppose there is gameplay balance to consider, and it IS in the future, but you didn't have to call out your own plot device so blandly like that.

Not bad, could use a little improvement here/there

The gameplay was ok- Nothing overly special, but not too bad. And I, for one, liked the voice acting. The voices themselves were kinda... squeaky, but I felt that the actors were enthusiastic in their words, and that means something.

The graphics were like something I could make in MS paint though- they could definately use an overhaul... of any sort. Also, some added gameplay mechanics (perhaps a couple more animations, and maybe some new moves or powerups like a walljump) and I think you would have a solid game here.

For now, it made me want to just go play some metroid, lol.


you've noticed how everyone seems to think its a promising game but it lacks in development i personally would want better graphics i dont mean you to change them completely but at least do something about the shouldes and legs, they look bad,monotone and certainly dumb

It did not grab my attention

It wasn't bad, but it wasn't good.
More story, better AI and for Christ's sake, sync the mouths and the dialog.
I do think its a good idea for a game, though.


This is a good effort, and it's alot more cohesive than most beginner-type stuff, but this doesn't have the polish or the versitality to be an entertaining game.

The script writing(cinema-wise, not in regards to the scripting of the game) needs some serious work, as it's pretty stiff and the lines are nothing short of preachy and annoying.

With a little work, your work could be something, but not now. It's really too back right now...