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Reviews for "Hunters - Relic of Stars"


Neither the gameplay, nor the story were very exciting. The art style was stiff and boring. It's playable, but not very enjoyable.

Plays like Metroid, minus the Ambience

Good game mechanic, with a map that shows you where to go without holding your hand and showing you the patch, keeping you just out of frustration over it.

Good voice and sfx quality, besides the machinegun, which for the most part was too quiet to hear, but was unique in that way, I suppose.

The soundtrack choices were so so for me, but I would nitpick about that, being a composer. That one's up to you; not really mine to rate.

I'm not a pro gamer or anything, so I couldn't get past the tank boss on easy, but up to that point, the game played smooth and well!


i like the concept of a metroid type game, but the overall gameplay was kinda bland.

and the cheap enemy placement was a problem also. i think if some medals were added i would of given this game a higher star rating.

Incredibly mediocre

I've seen games like this all the time and they've all been done so much better. smh

5/10 rating doesn't include art

the game mechanics and music and voice acting were pretty good but that's about it. What really kills it is the boredom, I played for one minute and I was done. It felt very slow-paced, the entire one minute was without much difficulty. Better stage layout would be recommended, and somehow make it more fast paced. Not to mention that the dialogues were very very corny it really turned me off. I cringed when I listened to those comments.

As for your art, I'm just going to have to ask, for 10+ years, you've been doing flash, I can't help but wonder why your artistic skills hasn't improved at all. Normally with ten years, there should be change, but htere isn't..