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Reviews for "Hunters - Relic of Stars"


Well one thing i don't like is the artwork! i actually like her better when not in game, second, this game gives you health when you don't really need it! then when you do need it, its hard to get one! and this game needs more check point!

but overall, the rest of the game is kind of fun to play!

it's ok

i mean that this game is ok but it could be better. hell the jump on here is spot on but i want more in this game it has alot that it's not giving me

Rhete responds:

Have you played the sequels? This is more of a tutorial / introductory chapter.

Fun game

It brings back memories of super metroid,very cool game i like it.


a retro 2d platformer with large labyrinth sized maps inspired by old school titles like Metroid and Castlevania. Although those games didnt suffer from lackluster level design and repetitive gameplay.
Theres very little here between shooting battlebots and jumping platforms that you will get bored halfway through.

you got to live these games

Rina-chan i want you to have my baby