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Reviews for "Hunters - Relic of Stars"

Decent I guess

But you folks really should have stuck with Kirbopher as your animator.

controls are akward

just the fact that you have to press x and z while moving with the wasd controls makes it feel akward to me, maybe have the m key open up the map instead and have the jump button moved to space, and as for the shooting button....i cant really give a good one for that :( maybe left mouse click?

Rhete responds:

err, if you're moving with WASD, you should be using JKL to attack/jump/change weapon. I'll edit the comments to be a bit more clear on that.

I might be nit-picking but...

Well, basically what everyone else said, weird graphics, gameplay is OKAY, and the voices are good/nice.

But whats with that second boss? I can't play it anymore, because I can't beat her.

The first phase? Sure, thats cool, but the second? Well, the laser going downward was easy to dodge, but if I messed up, she landed like 3 hits! Then, the fist SMASHES me in the face cuz I got hit and couldn't move, THEN, the diagonal laser hits me for two damage!BAM! I'm dead!

So... could be better, but is ok.

Good Game.

The music was great, but the graphics were too simple and colorful, and the controls were awkward. There should be a way to change the controls around, to the players liking. I didn't get very far in the game, because this made me want to play super metriod really badly.

The game was alright, if you can get used to the controls.

the idea is good

but it can be much better :@