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Reviews for "Hunters - Relic of Stars"

Awesome game!

Loved the voice acting and the superb controls. The game is very fluid and the plot is excellent for a flash game. I can not 10 this hard enough.

Always let me skip cutscenes

I couldn't skip the first cutscene so I quit.

official stamp of ASS!

the controls suck
graphics suck
the music is the same bland diarhhea everywhere
enemies respond when you leave a screen and come back
only one fucking gun wich is not that effective

in other words it sucks

but to be fair i see the potential in this one but for the love of....

Simple enough

A lot of old school video game rules in this one. Took me back to playing repetitive, yet fun games. I mean, I finished it. Really. I was entertained, and that's all I ask. Everyone wants to be amazed constantly, but this entertaining and thats what is important.

This game was great

I don't know why people are complaining...
There are a lot of stick figures games with worse graphics and they get higher score!
The game was so easy.. Seriously if they can't beat this game how can they beat mega man that is like 10 times harder lol.
I like that you put work in this you even made a nice 20 pages user guide was nice.
The bosses in this game were nice.
The control were ok really I almost never used diagonal aiming it is not even necesary in this game.
To improve this game add:
I think you should add a upgrade system.(We LOVE THAT!)
add add-ons you can put to weapons like laser aiming or penetrate armor.
add armor that when you change to it you get a new costume.
add spaceship battles and that you can pimp your spaceship :)
to make people stop companing about controls add mouse aiming instead.