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Reviews for "Hunters - Relic of Stars"

The multiple modes is a good idea! Unlockables also keep me coming back to play again. An excellent start to an excellent series!

Cool game!

And is she armed bacically with Makarov pistol modified to shoot plasma?
And Uzi shoots plasma too!

While the music is pretty forgettable, everything else hits home with me. The controls are tight, the bosses are intense, the voice acting is surprisingly good, and the cutscenes look great.

To be honest, I WAS going to judge this game by its cover simply because the art bothered me, but then I actually played it. And I love it. I didn't actually finish the stage yet, but I can tell the series is going to be great. And what's with everybody's rock-hard erection when it comes to Rina-chan as a voice actor? Seriously, she's in like, everything.

very good

i like this game a lot