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Reviews for "Hunters - Relic of Stars"


It's an average game, with average game play and below average controls. I found it monotonous and repetitive. I almost quit after I couldn't skip the intro, I wish I had.

Nice Game.

Over All this game is solid, controls are good, well designed and planned out. However the game could use some serious refinement. Artistically speaking this game is awful, however it's consent and overall the game doesn't look bad it just doesn't look interesting. There are nice touches like the lights and such but it all looks very dull.

I'm not telling you change the art style however everything looks the same and no one thing seems to pop. which would make the levels more memorable. This a very Nicely done game however artistically it needs work and design wise there is room for improvement.

Great games and great Ideas

The art is okay, Im not very fond of the characters however. This girls kinda seems like your everyday Female protagonist. And I know im probably jumping the gun and that everything will be explained later, but the other two human characters were not very well explained. But as I said, it will probably be explained in one of the next 5 games. Anyways the gameplay was simple, which made it fantastic. How the plot went around was also very nice. Keep it up!


I loaded the game, but im busy so im not going to play it, have a 10/10 5/5 just for fun


This is a good fast paced platform shooter. Not too hard but not easy at times either. My only problem is the animation in the cutscenes. It seems kind of stiff, like the characters don't move much. Voicials are great though.