Reviews for "Soul Redeemer"

good but

i agree with the guy below me 100%

It has potential

but it would be nice a wider playng area instead of arenas.
I suggest NG to put medals for the achivements of this game.

andvari3d responds:

I'll contact TomFulp to see if we can put medals on the game


Reminds me of...

Devil May Cry meeting Contra. Gameplay was awesome, creatures were crazy...my only complaint is that normal mode is too hard, not fair when potions don't drop regularly...especially when enemies will spawn right on top of you

awesome graphics

but the game its just a little boring....but AWESOME GRAPHICS!!!!
man ive never seen a game like this, thanks

andvari3d responds:


Its decent

but that doesnt change the fact that this type of game hasnt been done to death. the graphics are good and so is the sound, but it doesnt live up to my standards.