Reviews for "Soul Redeemer"


Wow, this can be really good Ds game but not a flash game... I say 5!

Not a review, just a comment

As I watched the intro, I thought, "This really feels like a Nintendo DS game". Upon playing, I reckon this would make a good DS game; D-pad for movement, stylus in place of the mouse, shoulder buttons for bombs/rage, start button for inventory.
Anywho, I enjoyed what I did play - I don't have a mouse, just the Mac touchpad, but I could see myself playing this for ages!!


pretty badass game loved it , although once the crossbows where maxed out the challenge kinda died but non the less excellent game well done.

Now all you need is a big ass soul sword to add a melee aspect and i think this would take off with everyone :)

So So..

Good idea and worth expanding on, Needs work on the invisi wall the last gun dropped right at my feet but I could not get it, All of the weapons I got were usless except the dual crossbows.

Good graphics and sound,controls can be alittle hard to manage if you right click the screen but otherwise are fine.
6/10 3/5


Kept me entertained but I played on normal, too easy. Hard mode? No replay value.
Rage mode? Didn't use it.
Multi-cross bow and mash left click, insta-win