Reviews for "Soul Redeemer"

The F equals Rage... FFFUUUUU!

Pretty smooth, enjoyible and a nice bit of action but the buttons stick alittle with explorer.

Not bad

It's not a bad game pretty good for a flash base game. Overall graphics were pretty impressive for the control however I wish I was able to custom my controls settings instead of using the wasd control that the game has in it already.

ah, Robotron, how I miss you

Pretty damn awesome, although less soul redeemer, and more soul trader.

a new level of excellence!!!

wow... what a great job. i really can't believe that was a browser game!!!
great job, please keep up the great work!

A really great game.

Not very hard though. Crossbow is win. All I did is upgrade that and I didnt even use my rage until the end cuz I didn't know what it did. It sure blew up that gate though. Nice job