Reviews for "Soul Redeemer"


very nice work with the 3d man one the best Ive seen, A little laggy but arn't they all?


the start looks like the matrix codes :) lol

Wow, Pretty Damn good!

Im impressed with the 3d work considering its just a simple game, they arent the best iv seen but they're better then most that are out there, game play is pretty fun, and the difficulty is fair for the casual player. It isn't the greatest flash game iv played but its definitely worth playing and is over all a very fun game. Minor suggestion is to add perhaps a little more variety to the game, it kind of gets repetitive at times.

Needs a quality button

The game play made my computer lag so bad I ended up dying on the second to last boss. I had fun other than the constant lagging throughout the entire game. My laptop is not always ideal for playing games but it should never lag this bad, kudos for fun gameplay and an interesting story, but a few stars off for the lag.

Great Game!

It's a great game, most 3D games I've seen on newgrounds suck but this one is an exception.