Reviews for "Soul Redeemer"

System would be great in a game with actual levels

The graphics are really good and controls are fine but it is really boring wandering around a small arena shooting at swarms of monsters. If this had a world to explore then I think you would really have something.

Good Game

Very great graphics, a little crowded with the bad-guys.

This reminds me of an Anime of Soul Eater where yuo are suppose to collect souls. Also in the 3rd episode one of the characters go into the Temple of Anubis, which the weapon in this game has the same name except it is a weapon "Finger of Anubis"

good game but few flaws

i like the game the graphics were good and i like the whole diablo theme but maybe have a quality button and also have kind of a magnetic up grade so the souls come to you also you need to add more souls like bigger monsters more souls i only got like two upgrades the whole game but other then that it was a good game

Sorry for bad english

I give 8 since it's kinda fun and graphic are good, but it don't seem to be a finished game.

Small arena get old fast :/

Best weapon are pistol and crosbow. Pistol is good if you aim, crosbow is good at spraying (cool balance between them). But Anubis things is unreliable unless you face mass mobs, and boss will be real pain (Ok as a secondary weapon, but I finished game without much upgrades). Fire things take two hands and you can't walk when you shoot=stop your fire each time you evade=you can't shoot if you face ranged (and you face ranged mobs almost non stop).

Shield = Sitting duck, unless you face crossfire. Boring Vs ranged boss. The big sphere really need a crossfire or aggressive mobs.

CHEAT: Get 130 soul, finish level. Start any level, buy a upgrade, then die. You will keep all upgrades and soul will be restituate. All upgrade for 130 is a good deal.

Bug: Some last upgrades cost are actually 30 soul instead of 130.

Few things annoying me: 1)Soul are flying and picking them was hard until I saw the shadow. A shadow on a dark ground when you face wave and wave of mobs, is not that obvious if you don't know it's there. 2) I also get stuck in a corner, I don't know how. Maybe some arena aren't perfect square? 3)Control can get a little bit weird when you press V and get back to the game. Probably because I was moving when I pressed V.

Ps: I played on Hard only. Difficulty was moderate for me and I didn't cheat until I beat last level because I'm a hardcore gamer. (well, only once when I found out the cheat)


Wouldn't recomend this game to any1, though it was good entertainment for the 5 mins i played it