Reviews for "Soul Redeemer"

pretty good, but...

The flamethrower had some quirks. Couldn't fire when walking, and sometimes in general character wouldn't move.

Hurtin My Hand

There's a lot of clicking involved. However, it's the price to pay for entertainment. This is a pretty solid game. I was not expecting the 3D graphics either, which was a welcome sight. The difficulty is perfect, even on Easy you get a bit of a challenge. The only complaint I have is the sensitivity in picking up items. You can walk over them a few times without actually picking them up. If you fixed that, I wouldn't have anything to gripe about with this title.


Really a great game.

The gameplay is really funny, and there are many enemies that must be beaten in different ways.
The updrade system is good. The game is balanced, there is not a weapon which is stronger than an other one, so I can use my favourite weapon without be disvantaged.

The graphic was really amaizing, the animations are smooth, and the effects are really good.

The plot well... There is not.

However, this is really a masterpiece. I am waiting for medals!

Great work !

loved the boss battles and the ability to equip items!


Great game!, really good controls and fantastic gameplay!!. The ability to jump and use mines add a lot to the genre

Two thumbs up!