Reviews for "Soul Redeemer"

good game

the graphics were visually appealing, but the music and overall gameplay got boring quickly. it would also be nice if there was something to control the quality in game as the increasing number of enemies caused my computer to lag on and off.

I thought it was fun but...

the new weapons you get as you go aren't worth upgrading. The fully upgraded brass guns gave the most damage per second by far, so I never used the other weapons. I understand that each weapon had it's special purpose, but the damage output of the brass guns was that much better. If you could change that for the sequel, that would be nice.


I loved it, but( I hate this word too) there is not much space to move.
A basic shooting RPG with some special stuff. I'm sure the weapons selection could've been more complex. Bosses and music is awesome too. Anyways, good stuff. :)

10 Game

An excellent way to get fun. Awesome graphics and sound, very nice gamebility and great weapons. 5/5 & 10/10.

Nice.. but... nice!

Outstanding.. just make the playing area a little bigger... these tentacles are very annoying in that so tiny space