Reviews for "Soul Redeemer"

Amazing Game overall

This was great and enjoyable to play , graphics are really great and it did remind me of a game I played on PS2 before.. Renegade something? forgot the title but it was similar in this genre , except it was an actual storyline with actual levels.

A couple of let downs occured to me tho , Crossbow was the best way to go equipped with the shield you're pretty much invincible.. I beat the last level no problem on hard with like 1min 30 sec left lol Also I seem to have encountered a "limit" to the items dropping o.O Even with the pendant equipped to get more drops I stopped getting rings, pendants and belts ( which I only got 1 belt and it was the achievement one o.O ) I tried farming all the levels to see the other rings and stuff but nope , nothing lol

Overall Great game as I said , I would definitely love to see a sequel to this with real actual levels and perhaps a EXP system with stats to increase?

looks nice

game looks very nice... hate that i can"t play with arrow keys to move my character...

iv got azerty... and no i won't configure my keyboard to qwerty...

This game is great!!!

Awesome,one of the best!

this was really great

liked it but could of had sword

This game...

Was awesome.
-Great mobility
- Good space bar move to dodge your way out of trouble or use bombs quickly
- Silly monsters
- Difficultly in general wasnt too hard wasnt too easy but it was very fun.
- Many items to unlock
- Awesome special move

You did a awesome job and i cannot wait for part 2!