Reviews for "Soul Redeemer"


second boss i stood there kilin them for about 10 minutes before i thought of a bomb lmao. also the third boss is a joke. if i can beat flandre, i think i can dodge a few spikes and lasers


I léove this game.. a little more levels , and weapons and its one of reh best online game i've ever played..

great graphics and thats it!

the gfx are really great espeially light and shadow! but the game is way to hard, upgrading takes too long, no healing system.

i bow down

this game is perfect on every level (i havent played long tho ) but from what i saw it offer action , nice control , upgrades , the game seem deep th concept is not exactly nw but the way its presented make it refreshing , for a flash game this kick ass

That was AWESOME.

Great game, but the last stage was kind of a letdown.. i just had to hold down my mouse.
Also, the fourth (or third, not sure) boss was way too easy. Those flying head.. things.. that rush at you.
Other than those two fail bosses, the game is great. With the enemy variety it wasnt as boring as other shooters, and the upgrades and accessories added a little extra fun to the gameplay.
Thumbs up!