Reviews for "Soul Redeemer"

It was okay.

The controls were a bit clunky, even for the right handed folk like myself.
The game was overall pretty good if not generic to a degree. The art was also kind of gimmicky and I didn't like that, I understand alot of games use mock-D (fake 3D), but it's just kind of cheesy.

There are alot of improvements that could be made with this game.
(Also your voice actor in the intro sounded really goofy rather than the dark and deep as intended.)


fun but a bit boring when you play for a long time...
...not bad


All the level names come from star that are brightest in their group.

Fun but glitchy

This game was highly entertaining but at the same time very laggy at random points and at one point my character seemingly teleported to the top of the screen but the camera was still centered where I originally was. I was unable to really do much of anything after that.

The controls where ok and the gameplay was entertaining. It was well thought out and explained very well but honestly I hoped for a little more.

Needs different quality modes.

I could barely tell where my guy was, since he seemed to react to my instructions 2 minutes too late. The dual weapon system was interesting, but the enemy spawn system was irritating. I also had a problem with the souls: it never told how many I was supposed to get. I almost quit before the first boss, just because it was monotonous.