Reviews for "Soul Redeemer"

It was okay.

The controls were a bit clunky, even for the right handed folk like myself.
The game was overall pretty good if not generic to a degree. The art was also kind of gimmicky and I didn't like that, I understand alot of games use mock-D (fake 3D), but it's just kind of cheesy.

There are alot of improvements that could be made with this game.
(Also your voice actor in the intro sounded really goofy rather than the dark and deep as intended.)

Unplayable for me

As I am a lefty.

andvari3d responds:

Our coder is left handed and he can play the game with no problem :P

I remember playing this on my playstetion

think it was released on PC its not even a parody its a flash game and you have have tried using the graphics with good results and the cut scene has been recreated this is the best game ever thank you

andvari3d responds:


Great Potential.

I'm gonna have to agree with others on saying the gameplay was a bit too linear :/ The RPG elements were alright but could have been expanded a whole lot more. I understand this was kind of a test and in that case it was brilliant.

But I took off a point because I hate it when you can't use the arrow keys to move. Left Handed players like myself have to move awkwardly and to be precise I have to stand still and get hurt. Some games you can change the controls but you couldn't do that either. Keep that in mind :)

Great Job overall though, I look forward to a more developed RPG.

great game

kinda ironic that there are so many crosses in this game but yet there is a weapon named finger of anubis =P