Reviews for "Arcuz (Full Version)"

Greatly done!

It seems that you were really trying to work on creating a game that could become popular through different websites. I really do not use my Facebook profile that much, so I doubt I will save. What matters is that the graphics are great and it is fantastic to simply play. I love the subtle sounds you make simply by walking around. Sure, it will never becomg "FarmVille" but it is always interesting to make people interact this way. While I am not an RPG fan, I am however a big fan of action, so it works to please most people.

Only Difference is Mochi Buy Menus

I rated the original version a perfect 10. this version gets a 9, due to only real expanded content is the 'premium' shop. where you can spend real dollars to get mochi coins to get virtual gear in game. (SELLOUT!)

gameplay and abilities seem to be the exact same so far, will play deeper to see if the same bugs still exist or not. (tree bug, item duplication bug). and if quests have been broadened, or more added. (so far no difference spotted) (I am on chapter 3).

for those that just started the game and read this, go to the premium shop, and you can get a basic shield, helmet, and 2 roast turkeys to start the game with for free. that is a lil plus of the new shop items.

The original arcuz (and this), is one of the best RPG's you will find out there for flash games. enjoy.

This is Great!

It's a great game! I would totally see this on a handheld--mostly the PSP XD

The graphics are amazing and the programing is seamless! Great job!

this looks like a great game

well done! graphics are amazing and gameplay as well,
i actually agree with the rest that this could be an online game!

though after waiting for the full version, i was shocked to find out that it seemed very...typical, it pushed me away once i found myself in that situation.

i gave you a 10/10 5/5 though just saying this has become something i was quite afraid of~

Would be great...

if it was a MMO, or at least had some sort of online interaction.
The lack of competition is the only reason this doesn't deserve a 9/10!

So gogo make an online game in this style.