Reviews for "Arcuz (Full Version)"

Fun game, but the saves...>_<

I really found this game interesting. I liked the controls, and simplicity of the game itself (but it's not too monotonous). Cute graphics, too =)
However, I have to relate to another review from earlier; there is no internal save, so I have to register on the website in order to take a break from the game. That is frustrating. Also, I found uncanny resemblences to Diablo...like the merchant guy by the wagon, how he has rediculously overpriced rare items (Gheed?), the weapon-sound is the repair noise from Blizzard as well, and the skill/char charts match as well =)

Still, cute game. I only wish that I could save without making an account.

Really good!

A simple RPG game with nothing to make it more special than any other, but I personally enjoy the control scheme, the one hand for direction control and the other hand for action control gives it that "console game" feel that is rarely seen in most flash games, no matter how good the graphics can get in flash creation, I think the ability to set up the controls for such an amazing feel is just as good, if not better, than having amazing graphics. And if you dissagree with me that the control scheme is epicly amazing, you can go ahead and change the scheme to one of two uninteresting control sets if you want.

Dam good

for those of you using Firefox and your mochi account is not coming up when you log in turn off you NO script or whatever script blocking program you use or allow mochiads and it will run fine.

very nice game

it remind me to the secret of mana series, good art style with engaging gameplay.

out of that the only thing that bothers me is that deal about having to create an account with either facebook or mochigames, honestly I dont like signing up on anything every time am asked to do so, I just dont.

It would be great...

If I didnt consider every fire slime fight a boss fight because of how ridiculously unbalanced their elemental damage is compared to yours.
Nice elements, but next to no work was done on actually balanceing elemental creatures dmg.
Instead of about 2X fire dmg fire slimes inflict 4X their normal dmg.
Good job.