Reviews for "Arcuz (Full Version)"

Yo how do i login

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great game with a few flaws

there are a few flaws though. like when you perform a magic attack but somehow
you get attacked and it stops. also, i'm level 27, and i noticed that all weapons pastthe leader sword-orc axe level are impossible to compose, no matter how manytimes I try, even if it's a composition that says it's a 100% chance of composition.also, it never says how to mix potions! it never tells you! even help on the funnaut (not promoting, don't erase my account)site! it never tells you!also the skeletons charging attack hits you, no matter where you are! thats just cheat. other than those, its fine. please tell us how to compose!

Great replay value and gameplay!

Easily one of my favorite online games. The addition of multiple quests keeps my replay value high, the specialization of the weapons and armor keeps the experience hunting/item hunting from getting tedious, and the graphics are great. I have experienced bugs mainly in mine areas where the hero gets sucked into the rock wall. My best fix has been jumping in various directions until I make headway, and then jumping until I'm free. I also would like a warning system when accidentally dropping items and gear. Finally, more crystals are necessary to keep up with equipment upgrades.


Well I was just going through trying to do some game reviews and I'm getting all caught up in this game =) Very addictive, very quickly. The game is easy to understand, and starts you out with all the basics so it's easy to grasp, and I like that a lot. The graphics aren't that great, but the gameplay is phenomenal. The sounds are all very appropriate, and the animating seems to be up to par.

If you'll excuse me, I need to get to some other games, but I will return to finish this :D


I've played this before but i still can't get over how adictive it is! 5 stars and 10 score!