Reviews for "Arcuz (Full Version)"

Terrible design

Relatively early on, on two occasions, I'd kill a slime while fighting a wolf, only to see the wolf's health bar disappear as the slime's health bar suddenly filled to the point where the wolf's health was, floating over a slime's invisible corpse. Attacking the wolf drained the slime's health bar, and as the slime's health bar hit 0, the wolf died. A minor issue, but it's a lack of polish.

The graphics and sound are decent. Seeing my equipment alter my character's appearance was a VERY nice touch, as it wasn't something I expected.

Where the game completely fails is its design. The whole game is a grindfest with mechanics that don't support grinding. Leveling up takes a good amount of time, and each level you gain replenishes your health and mana. However, potions are the only other way to recover health and mana, and while potions do drop occasionally from monsters, it's exceedingly rare. You'll end up buying potions from shops, but there's no way to tell how many of each potion type you have left without opening the inventory screen and counting. You aren't told how much potions heal, you aren't even told what some potions do, and you're only able to access the lowest-quality potions. To get decent potions, you have to buy multiple little potions (which rapidly eats your wallet) and go to a different woman to combine them.

Gold RARELY drops from enemies, and unless you strictly monitor what you buy, you will quickly run out of money. You're usually given money for completing quests, but after the starting quests, quests take a LOT of time to complete.

Even equipment itself is poorly designed. The shop for armor and weapons randomly has stronger gear. If you see a Long Sword +2 that you're fond of but can't afford, too bad, because it won't be there the next time you visit. Also, at the start of the game, you're told that there are three weapon types (sword, axe, and blade), but you aren't told what the differences are. Does one type hit faster? Does one type have a longer range? The game's certainly not going to tell you. All you can tell from the inventory screen is that the axe does the most damage by a fair degree.

Then there's the combat itself. You press the attack button until things die. For all creatures other than the initial slimes, this takes a REALLY long time. Sometimes getting hit is simply unavoidable due to enemies getting in attacks between your swings. There's no way to dodge or cancel once you've initiated a swing, and unless you feel like letting you enemy just sit and chill for a bit, there's no reason to stop swinging or preparing the next swing. There are special abilities, but since replenishing mana costs potions (and therefore money) to do so, the abilities aren't really worth it. I tried using a fully-upgraded ability and found that while I could only cast it once before needing a potion, it wouldn't even kill the most basic wolf, several levels below me.

There's really not much to be said in favor of this game. There's excessive grinding, very few ways to regain healthy and mana, badly-designed shops, an amazingly tough economy, and awkwardly slow combat. The game is a little addictive, but beyond that, I can't think of anything else positive about this game.


but how do I use the crystals to make weapons???please someone answer me by message!!!!!pleaseeeeeeeee

how do i fullscreen?

otherwise, great game

Amazing game.

Great game.
Nice graphics. Great control scheme. Interesting everything, and fun battle system.

If this game was online it would be perfect.

The difference.

I love arcuz,i really do,but i don't see the difference D: