Reviews for "Arcuz (Full Version)"


Pretty good game. It doesn't matter if it is "ripoff" The game on it's own is good. I have already beaten this game when it came 2009 and there doesn't seem to be new content which is letdown. I am can wish for even better sequel being made.

Very Good

Its a very good clean game. I like it a lot. Already commited 2 hours into it.
however, the is one issue i like to address, and that is : the monsters are unbalance in certain parts of the game. for example, the red slime does huge huge huge damage. it can almost 1hko. however, i need to go where the red slimes are, for the quest is there. i could grind, but the best place to grind is the lvl 7 wolves... but the exp is so low, that its not even the best place. wasp (lvl 9) is great, but they spawn too little and if thats not the issue, then hitting them is. humping and attacking takes quite a bit of skill and getting use too. however, even as i try hard to attack the wasp, i found that it comsumes too much time. so back to lvl 7 wolves. its a big grind fest since the monsters are so strong around newbie areas. a little more balance tweaking would be really nice. and again, great game!

Great game

Excellent graphics and sound, nice playability. I wish the item and creation systems were less complicated / time consuming vs total game time, but otherwise I can say this is a great addition to this genre in flash form.

Now regarding so called "theft" and "plagiarism" and all that. I think that's just the thinking of an older generation, doctored into the minds of the current one. The RIAA/MPAA dinosaur model is not the first time this sort of thing came and went, you can check out an article on arstechnica dot com, titled "Thomas Edison's plot to hijack the movie industry" to get a glimpse of how history goes full circle.

The broken system of intellectual property is in need of serious repair, we're at the internet age and the old dinosaurs are today's obstacle on this new and radical path to advancement in areas of art and culture.


get way to hard waty to wuickly so i gave up- put more quests on or make it actually possible to do

Discussion Sound Effects

Game was good overall though I don't like to have to login or go to Mochi website for all these games. :P

The problem with stealing sound effects is that it has become so commonplace. People used to steal SFX of old games like DOOM way back then. The main issue is that even if he did take the material he is just one of many who steal sounds for their games and post them up on sites like this. I've heard for instance the Mario jump sound on many of the games and flash animations yet it goes uncredited. Jinxerz don't go pointing a finger at the developer unless you do that for everyone else who does that.