Reviews for "Arcuz (Full Version)"

You have pretty hair!

How can this cute thing survive till there? Well thats with all RPG isn't it?
Nicely done.

Thanks from the Full version ^^

For those that want to know what full version adds here is the list of what i know:
1. More items/weapons/armors/stuff
2. Some how i think: more quests
3. More enemys


I think this game is better than warcraft great job dude!


No complaints about the gameplay but who here its willing to spend 3400 points on an imaginary necklace? Raise your hands. Don't be shy. Nobody? That's funny cause that's exactly what this game proposes you do. Infact if you shell out enough you can make this game extraordinarily easy. Ruins what otherwise would of been a great game. Well done once again Mochi Games at ruining a game by selling too much expensive crap in it.

full version?

there doesnt seem to be anything different about it from the original...