Reviews for "Arcuz (Full Version)"

Mmm, bad controls are bad,

It looks promising but when i have to remove one hand from either my movement keys or mouse during battle to attack, I'm upset. Lets say I use WASD for movement, anything like E or Q or F or R or Space or .... you get the idea. I don't understand the ideology of putting the attack key on J.

pretty good

Overall, it was a good game. I enjoyed the graphics, but the battle system was a bit repetitive.


i finished the game already long time ago, really liked it, good job!

May be a good game

but i wont play it much time. i refuse to create a mochi or facebook account just to be able to save ingame.

Wish I could play...

I usually enjoy isometric Diablo-esque games (I still play D2 after over 10 years if that says anything), so I was looking forward to this game. However, the fact that you require a Mochi login makes the game impossible to play for me. I have a Mochigames account, but I have never been able to get their site to communicate with any game I was playing. I log in over and over and over again, and yet your game still tells me I have to log in with a Facebook or Mochigames account. You should never force your players to create an account at an external site in order to play your game; I realize that you said you wanted players to be able to play from anywhere, but if they don't want to or can't make a Facebook/Mochi account, then they cannot play this game. You should allow the ability to store savedata locally, and give players the option to login with Facebook/Mochi if they choose to.

I would really like to play this game to see what it's about and everything, but since Mochi's account interaction doesn't work for me for whatever reason, I'm totally locked out. The opening art looked pretty clean and well-drawn, and the menu was simple to navigate through, so unfortunately that's all I can rate this game on at the moment. Please add the ability to save data locally so that people such as myself can play.